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A 2 bedroom cabin is nestled into the site on a country block just out of Jindabyne.

The owners wanted a simple, modern looking cabin that takes full advantage of the spectacular views of the surrounding range. The material palette of corrugated iron with a highlight of timber was chosen for its ability to stand up to the harsh conditions & stay looking good with minimal maintenance. Those materials reference simple country sheds that are found everywhere in the country areas.

The simple shape & design are given a modern sculptural look by having the verandah cut out of the rectangular building mass. This also provides great shade in the summer & allows the lower winter sun to penetrate deep into the cabin to keep it warm.

The cabin is totally off-grid, with solar panels on the roof, a stainless steel water tank protecting the carport & an on site worm farm sewage system. This design & layout have also been used in the rear yards of suburban blocks as secondary dwellings .

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