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I'm a sole practitioner designer with degrees in architecture & have been designing buildings for more than 30 years. I bring a practical approach to building design to marry together the aesthetic, the building process, regulation compliance, environmental factors, site considerations & most importantly your dreams & turn those into reality.

If your interested in modular (or manufactured) buildings, I have more than 15 years of experience in this area, from modern houses on demanding sites to a 6 bedroom ski lodge. The experience gained in these projects has given me a unique knowledge base to work closely with the manufacturers.


  • building design of residential, commercial & industrial buildings

  • designs for site built & modular / manufactured buildings

  • drawings & documentation for DA, CC & CDC applications

  • lodging plans to Council & private certifiers

  • liaison & co-ordination with specialist consultants such as; structural engineers, stormwater engineers, town planners, hydrologists for OSSM design, bushfire consultants & ecologists


B.Sc(Arch): Bachelor o Science in Architecture - Sydney University

B. Arch: Bachelor of Architecture - Sydney University


Over 30 experience in Architecture & Building Design encompassing

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Modular / manufactured

  • Passive solar design

  • Practical, hands on building experience



The logo represents the different aspects of my overall design approach.

  • The corrugated iron background represents an innovative use of materials & building methods.

  • The orange simplified building symbolises keeping the design as simple & uncomplicated as possible, whilst maintaining an ease of buildability.

  • The green wave "roof" is a symbol of both working with the environment & designing the building to have a good flow throughout.

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